Absorbent ceramics by extrusion

Absorbent ceramics by extrusion

Our experience in the ceramics industry has led to our R&D work in developing absorbent materials for use in air filtration and gas purification, and providing innovative solutions.

Under our BEfresh brand range, we market a range of gas absorbers – ethylene, ammonia, etc – for the following sectors:

  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Livestock
  • Industry: petrochemical plants, refineries, paper industries, etc
  • Consumer goods

This is the best solution for extending the shelf life of fruit, vegetables and ornamental plants in the following formats: sachets, transportation filters, cold room modules and machines. A wide range of products that can be used across the distribution chain: producers, exporters, logistics operators, wholesalers and supermarkets.

A non-invasive system that offers high levels of food safety and keeps fruit and vegetables fresher and healthier for longer. The ergonomic and decorative design of BEfresh‘s leaf-containing sachets prevents foods from spoiling and means that it blends in discreetly. For use both inside and outside the fridge.